April 20, 2011

Kush Tripathi

When Expression Dies!!! Depression Creeps in…..

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I wrote in my last post that i will be writing this topic but today this thing has happened again and that too in a major way in my life….I think that whether you have professional or personal life, you need to face this thing. You would have seen students suffering from the problem of depression which later on leads to migraine as well as other diseases which are related to depression.

These things happen all because of Loss of expression of thoughts. we don’t express many times. There is an anguish, a pain which affects the personality. I don’t have a personality of that kind but I have seen around myself people facing the same thing.

Today, I will tell you a story which happen around me. This story is about a B.Tech student who used to accept all the things which came to him, he never had his own opinion, he used to be a good listener, he was always thinking that why he can’t be a good speaker like some one other person in his class, you know why I am writing this story in the past sense. The reason behind it is that the person who am I addressing here is no more. He was the alone child of his parents, he had his own views, own opinion of thinking but the problem was he was not able to express the things. He used to drink off all the sorrows, all the things which were forced to him.But the thing was that he never used to share those things with his friends . He had many friends, he used to laugh with them, he used to enjoy with them , he used to forsee all the things but this lack of expression, lack of sharing made him a drug addict and slave of alcohol. Now whenever there was a occasion or some other event he used to take drugs or used to consume alcohol. why this happened? why this guy became such kind of person. All thanks to our novel education system, he was a thinker but he feared expression in class , the reason behind this was that he was not fluent in english and he also had some fluency issue. Thus when once in class 6th he tried to talk something in class, he was mocked by the other students even the teacher also told him to sit down. This was just the starting as the days grew teachers starting imposing their things upon the student , and he never protested he never even went for re-evaluation to the teacher. He remained silent , still but something was creeping in from inside.

This is what is happening currently in almost all cities. when this person came away from his home to the hostel to the engineering level at that time also he was suffering from the same thing as well as he had developed a disease called migraine. Now as he had failed many times before he got the seat on donation only in a average engineering college.

In the engineering college he had all the pressures that he need to pay back the money by securing the good job. But when this depression started creeping in. People started telling him to try some drugs or alcohol to feel awesome. So once he tried at that time he wasn’t able to leave  that thing in his whole life.

All Thanks to the lack of expression in his life.

so What it resulted in one day warden caught him drinking or doping, He warned him to complaint in his home, at that time he was too depressed at that time. what to do????

So he decided to take drugs or alcohol to relieved from the tension. he started to take overdose of drugs . This resulted in his sudden death within two days.

so what was responsible , He was not able to express his grief to anyone of his friends, thus it resulted into strong depression feeling  which resulted in his death

The same thing I am seeing around me happening again, This is resulting in excess of depression….. People are being used as things. Options are being force. Independence of choice is being succumbed…………Life is turning to be limited to a Cage like structure. Times are changing but people are moving into existing shells.

which will sometime lead to the above mentioned event.

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