March 19, 2012

Kush Tripathi

Weekend trip to Hyderabad- Part1

This weekend 18th march and 19th march was full of events, so I thought of penning it down into the memories. This trip was not at all planned and it happened to be all of sudden, tickets were booked we got reservation of yeswantpur-secunderabad garib rath from bangalore to hyderabad. Here we stands for me n my friend sunil dutt, Sunil Dutt is the person who was instrumental in dragging my ass that far, as I being a lazy lump wasn’t interested in any of the things.

As yesvantpur station is near to the place where I stay, sunil dutt had to come all the way from his residence at marathalli, as train was at 8:50 pm he was supposed to reach here by 7:30 pm but as you know bangalore’s traffic woes , he was able to make up till 7:45 only, it wasn’t that late. I waited for sunil dutt while returning from my workplace i.e IISc and I was waiting for him at MS ramaiah College bus stop. I didn’t pack my clothes so I and sunil dutt then went upto 4th ¬†floor where my PG room is there, then I packed my clothes, did shaving and then packed some goodies like biscuits and started off for dinner at one of the cheapest and best food in bangalore i.e near MS ramaiah College called as Delhi mess. Generally waiting time after placing order is 5 minutes it happend to be 10 minutes in our case. we made our order at 8:05 and recieved our food by 8 :15 pm , I am mentioning time at every place as our train was scheduled to leave the platform at 8:50 pm exactly. Sunil dutt & I ordered two chicken dishes and 10 rotis and our expenditure was less than 100Rs that is why I call it cheap and best place in my locality, then we grabbed a cold drink bottle with us, after food time was 8:25 pm it took us 2 minutes to reach the bus stop there we waited for the bus bound to yeswantpur railway station. But a bus came at around 8:35 and it was also not going to yeswantpur station it was going to yeswantpur Bus stand from there it was 10-15 min walk to station. Time was already 8:35 pm and as soon we got down from bus it marked 8:37 in our watches.. then we started running in the mean time we caught one more bus so that we can reach fast but it delayed us…

We reached station platform no 1 at 8:45 pm. Now as we reached the platform we came to know our train is not from platform no 1 it is from platform no 5. then we went directly to foot over bridge. There another surprise was waiting for us, it was that the foot over bridge was only from Platform 1- Platform 2 then again we got down from that bridge to find that the other foot over bridge is at the other end of the platform. there were trains all over in the middle. Then some how through sheer luck, I found a door opened in one of the train. we jumped on the tracks crossed the tracks. and then climbed the standing train crossed it doors to reach platform no 5, time was already 8:50. The train had started moving we were still behind. It was that as I have a good height I waved towards the guard that please stop we were running like anything, train was slow we managed to clinch to the last compartment. As whole train was interconnected it wasn’t a problem atlast we got the train that mattered at that moment of time. I din’t write about the physique of sunil, he is a medium height person and he was feeling really ¬†very tired and he even told me that kush please leave it yaar.. we will go by bus.. But as m stubborn I got him through the train.

This incidence was compared to be an incident similar to “JAB WE MET” movie

In train also there were many instances I will write about it in Part2

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  1. jay ambika says:

    say smthing about time manegment kush.

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