June 6, 2013

Kush Tripathi

Is it preferred to opt for Master’s or for Job after doing Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering ? What are the Job prospects in both the …

Prospectives of Biomedical Engineer in Final year

Answer by Kush Tripathi:

This is the most common question which a Biomedical Engineering Final year student in India comes across!!

First Question Masters or Job
This is very speculative question and its answer varies from individual to individual, conditions influencing this answer

  • Financial condition of your family:
    • Some of the students want to do job immediately as they want to support their family as financial condition in their family is not good.
    • Some students want to be the breadwinner as soon as possible because their peers, their neighbors have started earning and they have pressure over them from their parents and relatives
  • Disinclination towards further study:I don't want to study anymore, it has been enough already. I just want to earn money and live peaceful life

If you don't have any of the above conditions in your mind and you are interested in making a better career then go for Masters

Why Masters?

  • Not because you are not getting job but because you want to learn more and make a better career as compare to your bachelor counterparts
  • Masters will offer you diverse job opportunities and maturity as compared to bachelors
  • Improved profile if done from a better college like IIT or even Abroad
  • Masters opens the door for Academics and Ph.D which were earlier closed
  • Research oriented Jobs in CSIR laboratories and Research workplaces demand Masters more than bachelors

As the OP doesn't want to do the conventional Jobs of Sales, Service and Support engineer. It is essential that he takes up some specialization in Masters which will help him to know more about the area interested
At Bachelors level you are brushed up with everything around Biomedical Engineering. In Masters also it is more or less the same but the thing is that as you are already aware of those things as you have done in your bachelors level you can focus more towards your allied interest areas and try making a good career for yourself
This is the reason why you should do masters if confused?
Either take a year off and realise what is your inclination or find out what you want to do ? or enroll in a masters program so that you are able to get some extra information about yourself
What are the potential areas you can look at?
Start your own venture
When you see that there are no companies in the area which you are interested, then start one in that area. Most of the time I hear this that I want to work in XYZ area but there are no companies in that area. If it is not there then it gives you an opportunity to start one

Jobs after Bachelors
Nobody, I mean nobody in current MNC would like to recruit a fresher for their critical works in Biomedical Engineering when they are getting IITians Master or people with 5-6 years of experience. So they will offer you following Jobs

  1. Sales or service
  2. Product Support
  3. Application Specialist
  4. Medical Coder
  5. Junior Research fellow
  6. Junior Design Engineer (at some startups , if you are exceptionally good)

Jobs after Masters

  1. Academician as a assistant professor
  2. Senior Research Fellow
  3. Design Engineers
  4. R&D Junior
  5. Ph.D

Thus there are different offers which you will get after Bachelors or Masters.
it depends what you wish to do and how you wish to enter into the Biomedical field.

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