January 4, 2012

Kush Tripathi

I am Far behind the excellence, But I strive for it-My will of fire

Today, I realised why people strive for excellence so much. Because everytime they realise they have accomplish something great in their life, they see someone else in life who has utilized their life in a better manner. A person who has done much better in the same time when you were flirting around someone on facebook or when you were just being great about something among your group of friends. I think these shockers are needed from time to time and they drive up the person. They are responsible for all the rat races in this world. Its true that RAT Race are pointless. But you can’t runaway from them.

What I have observed till date is . when you really start thinking about yourself, what you have done till today you get geared up. But you get fully charged when some young person has done a lot more things in a short span of time.

This kind of jealous is always necessary to keep the flame burning.

we have to set our goal at a person or some specific objective inorder to keep living

Many people wont agree with me.

but still I think RAT race is good. I am far behind in this RAT race still i want to win it.

This is my will of fire

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One comment on “I am Far behind the excellence, But I strive for it-My will of fire
  1. tempestsree says:

    “The Will of Fire”- 😀 😀 m/ m/ m/
    Hidden Leaf Shinobi! 😉

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