April 16, 2011

Kush Tripathi

Destiny……..Voyage to my M.Tech

Today, I felt like that I should write something which is related to myself. So I was inspired to write something about destiny.This is all about how it started off. I as a Biomedical Engineer was about to passout in May 2010.

I was affilated to maharishi dayanand university, rohtak. I studied my B.tech as casually as it is possible, But now there was a question mark like any other student what’s next in my life.

I gave GATE 2010, as I thought research can be a area where people can acknowledge my ” thinking hatke” quality which was always there but not acknowledged in a proper manner. even after getting GATE score as it happens in India, You need to apply all around the country in the various research institute for the M.tech admissions, So did I. I applied all around the country then some places it was acceptance and some places I was rejected straightaway it was the destiny which was driving the thought process inside me. everything was happening as it was scheduled to even after my endless efforts I was nt able to stop the time and mould it to my wishes as I always wanted

My face was growing red , Tension was growing up. what will happen now

where will i go what will i do

what will i say to my parents

how will i face my girl friend

how will i face my friend

how will i go around with all my reader in biomedikal.in

I was not knowing what shall i do. I couldnt help things as nothing was there in my hands . My mind was jumping from here n there

I tried my luck everywhere i could

I tried everything hook or by crook

nothing was happening

I dnt know what was my destiny

i was cursing myself day in and day out

tension took toll on my hairs also they grew greyer and greyer

atlast that sigh of relief came from a place where i never expected

where i never wanted to go

the place from where i am writing this

I dnt know what to write next. But what  i am upto now is nt my own work its sheer pure DESTINY

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