July 4, 2013

Kush Tripathi

A Great Loss!! A part of me is lost today

It was a happy beginning when 60 people came together from different backgrounds into the same college. They lived happily under the  same roof, just the rooms were different rest all was common from underwear to soap to shampoo to cot to food.

At that time we had two remarkable persons with us who are no more. This post is dedicated to those wonderful friends who had been and will always be the part of my life

Achal Singh and Kartikeya Kaul, Electronics and Communication Engineers from Career Institute of technology and Management Faridabad living in room no G03 and G05 of  House no 58 sector 46 Faridabad.

Achal in the Middle, I am on the Right, Gaurav on the left

Achal in the Middle, I am on the Right, Gaurav on the left

Achal sir, When I last saw him in January 2012

Achal sir, When I last saw him in January 2012

Now Kartikeya

Kartikeya and Me

Kartikeya and Me

Starting Right, Hitesh, Sukhi, Me, Ashwani, Kartikeya, Prince

Starting Right, Gaurav,Hitesh, Sukhi, Me, Ashwani, Kartikeya, Prince

We all were so happy in the respective works which we were trying to do.

Kartikeya was employed in Nokia Siemens and he was involved with both technical and Sales and he used to specify the technical specifications for the research and development as far as I know about his job.

He was our dear netaji, I haven’t seen a better student leader than him since I started my hostel life. He was vocal and use to raise voice for anybody who is being oppressed he never ever kept anything inside his heart. we used to have a lot of fight but still we were more than brothers to each other.

Late night discussions were the most common thing. Kartikeya had brought his scooter from noida that was the only vehicle we had in hostel and it was used for all types of fraud work we did in the first year. All the latenight movies, food deliveries were done on his scooter.

We marched around, we went around girls hostel and we also went to CITM lake after that. What a lovely Life it was. Those moments I can’t forget anytime in my life.

We used to play carromboard late nights. Missing classes taking lift was a common affair.

Kartikeya never worried about money his pocket was empty in the beginning of the month itself

That one year in hostel felt like one decade for us all. we were so happy really really happy. Which I am not although I have come faraway from that. we had played holi with mud, underwears anything and everything and it was damn fun

Achal Sir

One of the best cook, gamer and TT player I have seen. But he was a lazy bum. he didn’t like to go to college, he used to stay back and sleep all day long. It used to be considered fortunate if he attended any of the classes everybody of us used to envy his bindaas attitude. Bathing was totally not related daily affair for him, but when he used to dress up he used to look the best.

He taught me Table tennis. All those who know me, and have played TT with me, i was the most worst player. Achal played with me nights after nights making me a better table tennis player who can now play anywhere. I can’t thank him for that in words. Since then I teach every novice TT same as achal taught me.

Achal had a special love for mirchi and tasty food in late night. we used to sneak into the kitchen to make tasty things in the night. In Jan 2012 also in the chilly nights of noida he cooked maggi for me.

He was the accounts manager and banker for us. All trips were funded by achal and all accounts were maintained by him. And following him I incorporated the same thing in my life and now people call me a better manager and all credits go to achal whom i observed while he was managing. He used to create an XLS sheet with bills for each and every person about how much they should pay and what all they had eaten.

While going with achal we never saw at our pockets before buying, shocks used to come at the end of the trip.

Though he loved his xbox very much he used to train us about how to play with it. He was my gadget guru and I always refered him before buying anything. he was so very updated about the latest technology in the market. He was one in all for these things. he used to bring a lot of things from palika bazaar in delhi

In his PSP we had played a lot of games

He was never interested in academics. He was among the top rankers of AIEEE but he never loved engineering. he liked to do what he likes that is what I loved about him

What else I can say. These two have impacted my life a lot in terms of

  • Courage, confidence
  • Leadership
  • laziness
  • Managing Skills
  • Table tennis

I mean God you have taken a big chunk away from my life. They were the great pillars on which I could rest my shoulders. I can’t believe it that they are no more.

But they will be always alive, whatever I have learned from them I will teach all the people around me. And I didn’t expected you two to go so early

I miss you, really miss you

Its like you never stay in touch still you don’t complain to each other and you meet with the warm heart everytime. That is what achal and kartik for me

I don’t know how Chaddi and sukhi will cope up with this they spend most part of their last 7 years with them more than me or anybody or even their parents.

We are going to miss you a lot..

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