April 18, 2011

Kush Tripathi

Assignments!!!Exams!!!quizes Is this learning or Liability?

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Today, I thought I should pen down all the thoughts which were in my mind related to Exams, assignments and all those deadline related stuff.

We being human have a very interesting characteristics, Hey I am not talking about Nerds here :p . Nerds are always the exception. Rest of the human race except some nerds , do have a similarity that is they do all their works and complete all their work as the deadline comes. None of us completes the work before the last date, we will have sleepless nights , half meals, anxious faces, continuos negative blabbering, excuses of being busy……… Is this learning or liability?

Now next point why are we so anxious, I think this is all because of some nerds…… what you think..? I think its all about Marks…… whatever marks you score forms your grade…… sgpa… then in the end the mighty CGPA…… so This CGPA is what shows how much we are above par or below par as compared to the other students…. This is the factor which is responsible for all the crappy things which happen to us like assignment, Exams n allll…….ohhh!!!! I forgot to add those lab records , fair record, observation records, graphs …….. all in all everything documented……..is this Learning or liability?

How many of us say 1 out of 100 goes  against the system or the conventional things to do certain things which are HaTkE……. But then what he is called …….. ” Vo toh yaar pagal he; Pata nahi saara din kyaa karta rehta he”

This is the most common line which you will ever see…… But now tell me is BUNKING  a liability or learning………

we people treat BUNKING as a learning phase,,,,,, but I think BUNKING is a liability which is caused by these things which are there in the title exams, quizes and assignments……..

In my opinion class can be of more fun….. teacher can be more interactive….. they can judge the student for his activeness…. competition standards can be changed by advancing from the pen paper tradition……

I know many people who say ” You know we used to come to college on sundays as well , but the thing is different we don’t use to attend the classes”

So what does this mean , we love our college but not the classes….. we love our testing……. and learning but not the methods which are used to implement both….

Learning is a step by step process….. People generally learn from their experiences…. why job experience is valued more over studies and why people learn more in Jobs….. thing being that they enjoy learning ….. it’s no longer a liability which causes constipation in their stomach always…..

And thos who don’t enjoy their work… then they havent heard to their heart n they have choosen a wrong field I guess….. a lot has been said already by many people regarding this topics….. extent of discussion on this is endlesss

But INTEREST should be CREATED , it should not be destroyed with some useless teaching practices which are being followed from ages to make a student a student for his life

he loses the personality quo also……We Grade You….. We Teach YOU……… We love Love You……..But never consider us to be your liability

“When Expression dies Depression creeps in” this will be my next article……

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