April 16, 2011

Kush Tripathi

Am I a Biomedical Engineer??

What a stage? what a time I have reached that I think about myself what type of engineer I am?

what is my specialization? what is my purpose as an engineer?

These are the question which frighten me everyday. I developed a website www.biomedikal.in thinking that something should be done in relation to creating awareness regarding Biomedical Engineering, But now I think that ” is it a Biomedical engineering”

I have become activist in place of a engineer. I have become a career counselor instead of being a engineer. I feel like a crime place journalist who reports every event related to Biomedical Engineering, who waits for every other news which will buzz people’s mind.

I have become person who is trying to think out of the box so that the word ” Biomedical Engineering ” reaches every nook n corner. is it real engineering ?

I usually get comments like this

” I am a fresher looking for a biomedical jobs any vacancy for me over there.”

” I am serching jobs in google by the time i got  u online”

Am I job provider….. another role which I have been assigned.

then sometimes I act rude, sometimes polite, some time I think how to get rid of this fright.

what I am ? Is it  really what I wanted to be? Is it really a goal of my life.

Thinking this once and twice, I am reminded of some good comments like ” you are doing a great job creating awareness about Biomedical”

But again I think can’t these people also help me in creating awareness. you people who read me appreciate me, condemned me, tell me so many things I shall do…… and the things I shall not do……. But you will never tell ur batchmate or your neighbour that” LOOK I AM A BIOMEDICAL ENGINEER, AND I am proud of being one”

why is it so difficult to accept Biomedical Engineering.

No wonder why I have become a guide/ counselor/writer/journalist/motivator/activist but these profession , do they belong to my age group.

There is one agony ” AM I A BIOMEDICAL ENGINEER”……. if not then when will I achieve this feat. If yes then how can I acheive this feat so earlier when it takes years for other people.

What is Biomedical ? Is it as difficult to define as is Love? is it a engineering or a feeling?

is it a passion or a driving force?

is it a question of life & death for the patient involved?

what it is?

No one would have thought of about these points? if yes , n someone got the answers please share with me also?

I still have many more things to say , many more questions to come ? but is question=Biomedical Engineering?

what kind of crap writer I am?

what a life I am living?

But still can’t call myself a Biomedical Engineer!!!!!!!!

just dreaming of that day to come ……..and Miles to go before I sleep

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9 comments on “Am I a Biomedical Engineer??
  1. anupam karn says:

    Keep it up dear!
    I think u were an activist first, then engineer!

  2. ramakrishna says:

    i want to become a biomedical research person


    U should not hype the matter so much….. there is no need to tell everyone that u r a biomedical engineer…..be smart n tell those people who really appreciate us……i did that…………n today m working as a biomedical engineer in a corporate hospital….


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