January 3, 2012

Kush Tripathi

Just another normal day

It was just about a normal day. it started off by me waking up late as usual . But it was like I woke up at 9’oclock by the sounds what my roommate was producing. Those were the sounds of recitation which he usually does while memorizing things, All thanks to the rote learning methodologies followed these days in college. His final exams are going on so tension was there on his face. i woke up then i saw it was only 9 I asked him about the time he told its 9 only. I generally have to reach lab by 10 .. but as weather was cold and i was feeling cozy in my bed I changed my position and lied back into my bed… i was thinking abt somethings… then i slept as rays of sunlight were falling on my bed making it warm on the tuesday morning which was cold as ever in bangalore, after all it is january yaar.

I got up from bed, took bath.. strictly warm water bath.. stayed in bathroom for a little longer kept pouring the water as if I was enjoying the warm water’s warmness in my body. it was the only time when I was able to think abt me personally peacefully. then thoughts of project came into my mind.. I generally think well while taking bath. i got some ideas which I had to implement . i decide yeaah man these things are done and I should do it.

So I came out rushed into my clothes as fast as possible then dried my hair… combed them but there was nothing to comb as I got my hair cut recently.

then I went for breakfast as usual showing my misery… or my act of misery I asked for 1 aloo puff to be put into two buns same as vada pav in mumbai… and with a tea … i took centerfresh and the bill was as usual 25 rs… i gave 30 and he told he will give 5 later on… i moved in… i was seeing the traffic of bengaluru… it seem to me that it was increasing day by day… by the time I reached my lab it was already twelve. In the mean time I recieved a call from color dooppler for confirming my name… i confirmed it with spellings …

so i enetered the lab.. opened facebook , Gmail.. then was glad to see that my first article in magazine got published.. it was color doppler India‘s first ultrasound magazine… i was so happy that I shared it all over facebook… called my girlfriend .. told her abt my publication… then I started my lab work.. a  lot of soldering was to be done I finished over that cumbersome task…it wasnt easy… I had to do it again and again.. try something new as I was facing virtual ground woes in opamp… then in the end I went to my manager for clarification… we discussed some important things regarding market value other than the usual stuff… when i came back I saw that i was shortlisted for a fellowship and Interview was tommorow I panicked a lot…
then i called my manager… he told me to come n meet him we discussed some of the qa’s then i came back then amit called me as IISc student council was selling shirts and bags.. id int had miney checked atms all closed then found one atm went took out 4k purchased bag and tshirt when I dint wanted to … this was interesting then i came back sitting back in lab… writing this blog post..

why this day was memorable

one due to that magazine publication

2nd due to that shortlisting..

i was somewhat happy..


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